Friday, December 20, 2013

My Mom

Today I am so grateful to the woman who gave me life, my Mother!!
As a little side note, today was a perfect day to honor my mother as it is her birthday.  
Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you gobs and gobs!!

For those of you who are just joining me on my blog I am doing 365 days of things I am grateful for.  We are now on day five and these are in no particular order.  
So this is my mother Kathleen, she does not like to be called Kathleen, she prefers Kathy.  My mom is a wonderful woman and I love her so much. She gave birth to six children and cared for each one of us everyday, she was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom.  We loved having mom there when we returned home from school, church activities, work, a date, and being with friends.  She was always there to listen and help with any problems we had.  She loved our friends and many called her mom as well.  She is loved by so many. She has been able to be there for the births of all of my babies and I have been especially grateful to have her there in the room with me with the last three, and all the help she was with them after they were born.  She is in Utah and I am in Colorado now so it isn't as easy to just get together any more and I do miss that, but we still talk often.
 It was so nice to go through some older pictures and gather a collection to do a layout on my mom.  I am very happy with the way these pages turned out.

I added this beautiful quote that comes from George Washington, "My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw."  I loved this and felt the same way about my mother.  I made these awesome flowers out of four scalloped circles attached to one another by a brad in the middle, I went with yellows because it is her favorite color.  They really made a great look on these pages. Thanks Jeri for teaching me how to make these lovely things!

I love this picture of my cute parents!  I added the word mom with some brown mailbox letters, they fit perfect in the space I had available.  I also added little metal tag words in various places, like the one in the right top corner that says "joy".

Again I am truly grateful for my mother and wish I could be with her to celebrate today, hopefully this post helps fill my absence.  I love you mom!!!

Happy Crafting, 

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  1. I always thought so much of your mom! This is a great tribute to her Tara.