Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reading together

Today I am grateful for little brothers who enjoy "reading" together...
Weston got this cute book from our friend Lauren and he just loved looking at the pictures over and over again. One day I walked in and he was showing all of the animals to Kade and talking to him about them, it was as if they completely understood one another.  It truly warmed my heart and I just had to capture the moment.  Weston and Kade are only 13 months apart and they really love each other so much, Weston can often be found just loving on his baby brother and it's so sweet!
For these pages I used the Calamity Jane Stripe card-stock, and dew drops (my favorite embellishment!!) from The Robin's Nest. You can visit and order from their website at: http://www.robinsnest-scrap.com/  
These are such fun little shots of the boys!  I added random dew drops, punched hearts and stamp shaped chipboard to dress up the page a bit without taking away from the photos.
I just added a few words for journaling down the left hand side and the boys names across the top right.
Here is just a close up of the cute embellishments for these pages.  
Thanks so much to stopping by today and checking out the blog.
Happy Crafting,

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