Thursday, December 19, 2013

Buchholzer Sisters

Today I am grateful for some of my best friends, my sisters by blood and maiden name!!

I come from a family of six kids I am second youngest.  There are five girls and one boy.  Grateful to say that my brother married a wonderful woman who added another sister to our bunch. 
I am so pleased with this layout in every aspect, it was fun finally putting these pictures together. They are like seven years old, even though we have all had more kids since these were taken, we all look pretty much the same...only thing I see different is my hair is long now.... ;)

The picture on the right has our precious handicap sister Shauna in the center, she was the only one out of the six kids that got brown hair.  We are all redheads.  There are not a lot of pictures we have of all of the girls together, but I loved that she was in this with us. 
With these pages I had a lot of fun adding various details.  I loved the puzzle pieces for my words as they were just letters until put together they created sisters, and friends.  So perfect!

Here are the girls up close, from left to right let me introduce you to my sisters, Tammy, Shersten, Jamie, Tara (me), and littlest sister Rachelle.  
I loved the butterflies and what they added to these pages.  I was able to use my cricut for the letters, butterflies and the white scalloped circle I wrote our names on.  I used some brads in the butterflies and added some orange buttons as a final pop of orange.

"We are sisters by fate , best friends by choice."

Until next time time, Happy Crafting!

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