Sunday, December 22, 2013

Braxton's Art...

Today I am grateful for Braxton's Artwork!!

I just love all the artwork this little Braxton does.  He seems to be drawing pictures daily now.  I wish I had saved more of all of the boys artwork, nothing can replace those first innocent creations.  You know the ones where are are at least 10 times thinner or 10 times fatter than you really are, and they somehow manage to point out all the best features they see in you. *wink-wink*
These pages were so fun to preserve some of his art.  I went "loud" on these because anyone who knows Brax knows he is LOUD.  So this worked perfect.  I really wanted to highlight the art so I left things with a little less detail than I normally would have, but it looks good and keeps the focus on the awesome drawn picture.

Here is the original picture, this seriously makes me smile so big every time I look at it.  I asked Braxton to tell me about this picture and he says this is our whole family....I love how much he loves his family and really loves to draw them out, especially his brothers. I thought for sure I was the red peanut looking one with the belly button, but he just laughed and said, "no silly that's dad, I gave him a belly button. You are the one with the hair."  (The purple fuzzy looking one to the left of the peanut...I mean dad)

For the other page I kept things fairly simple and just added a few pictures of him coloring and painting on one of our school days here at home. I added some smaller sticker circles in various circles and like what it did for this page.  I also added number stickers under the bottom pictures.  I used my cricut to cute out the letters in the same polka dot print to really tie it all together.  I sure love this four year old and I cherish his sweet creations!!

Happy Crafting, 

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