Friday, December 27, 2013

Craving a burger....

Today I am grateful for receiving a much needed burger from my dad-in-law and Jeremiah, that I have been craving for about a week now.... oh so yummy!!

Okay here is the story, because I know this seems like such a funny thing to be thankful for but you have no idea how bad I just needed this last night.  I was having a rough day, we have been remodeling our kitchen since the day after Jeremiah came home from his deployment. Nov. 5th to be exact.  (We left for a full two weeks to go to Utah to spend time with family for Thanksgiving.)  Jeremiahs mom and dad came into town Christmas day. Today we have all been working around the house.  We scored a double oven, drop in stove top and a microwave today for a crazy good deal.  I was stressed about making the decision to purchase these things as we had not planned to replace them, but the price was sooooo right!!  Anywho Jeremiah and dad were headed to home depot to pick up a few more things for the kitchen and I said, "hey just bring me home a burger, that's all I need."  Anyone who knows Jer and I knows we aren't big on eating out because we love cooking and enjoy our food way more than any restaurant or fast food place.   The guys had been gone for over and hour and I decided to start dinner, about ten minutes into cooking they walked in the door with Burger King just for mom and me...I have to say it totally made my whole day and I was a much happier person.  The boys still ate the shepherds pie I cooked. After dinner we watched a movie together to end the evening and I am sure we will have an early start back to the remodeling.
 Here is just a little sneak peak of the process of our kitchen....
Here's to the simple joys in life :)
Happy Crafting, 

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