Saturday, January 11, 2014

Creative Fun

Today I am grateful for the creative things the boys put together to have fun!
Over the summer we were working on a project in the garage.  Weston wanted to run wild and I finally put Porter on the task of keeping an eye on him.  Next thing I knew they were playing with the shopvac and a rope.  Weston was in heaven!! We don't own a wagon but I guess this was the next best thing.  I love the creative mind Porter has to put things like this together.  The fun lasted for nearly an hour.  
Oh to be a kid again!  These two are so cute together.  I used my cricut to cut out my letters and added a touch of white around parts of the letters with a gel pen.
On this page I scattered some red dew drops.....placing these on black card-stock they lost the red and really blended into the black, so I used my hole punch and cut out some red circles and placed them under each dew drop so they kept their vibrant red color.  I also used my white gel pen in various places and I added a few pieces of ribbon on the top right corner of the page, using staples to keep them in place.  

Happy Crafting, 

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